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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Sounds like great fun, and reminds me of projects I did with the first home computers, painting images one pixel at a time to reproduce iconic Trek images.
In high school in the '80s, my chemistry teacher had a poster on his wall that was a 1973 "computer transcription image" of Mr. Spock printed by the Princeton University Computer Center, made up entirely of alphanumeric symbols printed out onto the paper -- with the darker bits being made of multiple letters/numbers/symbols typed on top of each other, something you couldn't do with ASCII text art today. He let me have it when I graduated and I still have it today, though the paper's very yellowed and brittle now and I damaged it a bit just taking it out of the tube to look at it. (EDIT: And a big split just formed in the paper when I tried to roll it up and put it back in the tube. Rats.)

I found the image online at this page:

Turns out what I have is just the top left quadrant of the full image.
That is awesome, sorry to hear about the damage to the paper. I remember those images fondly, and have the regular Spock holding the Enterprise model poster still, but this ASCII work is just brilliant!

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