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Re: Rescue! - the old Mac game from the early 90s

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I loved Rescue!

I remember hanging around the wormholes, hailing until I met Q. The clue then was to piss him off, and then he would send the Borg after you

And it was actually possible to beat them! Sometime all it took was beaming over and put them to sleep, but of course, most of the time the away team would be killed if you tried it. Also I remember teaming up with some Klingon bird of preys, attacking the cube. It was hard, but think I managed to kill the Borg this way too.

Haha exactly! I forgot about the Q part. There was also some other trick where you tractored a warbird or a Marauder into the wormhole and it would unlock something but I forget what it was? Maybe that was another way to get the Borg cube to appear? Been a long time...
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