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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

^ Perhaps we can all agree that, while opinions may vary on the wisdom of the car placement, Q was mind-bogglingly irresponsible by not isolating his computer before accessing Silva's?

... And I'm still wondering how he got out of his cell, seeing as he was being watched by two armed guards at a safe distance. Maybe his virus deactivated the guards' nervous systems?

And M should never have let anyone on 00 duty who couldn't reliably hit a stationary target at his leisure in a shooting-range setting.

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This wasn't "James Bond Takes on the Slave Trade," you know.
And now I find myself wishing that it was. Given his promiscuity, Bond vs. sex-trade criminals could be a genuinely interesting concept. But his sexing up the girl did strike me as pretty ick also, given the context. And the plot we did get I just didn't find at all compelling.

I wanted and expected to like the movie, but lame drama Q's stupidity and the flashlight drove me up the wall. I give this a C-, worse than QoS's C+ for the weakest Craig entry yet. Skyfail, indeed.
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