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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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In a visual narrative, the way a character looks ("the looks of the guy playing him") is a big part of how we interpret him. Casting is never blind, and "shifty" (putting his hands under his arms nervously, the hint of a stammer) is often cinema/tv shorthand for "watch out for this guy." It's a little lazy, but cliches are cliches for a reason.
Cliches are also use to throw viewers off; early in season one--and even season two, it was assumed Daryl would be as much a racist ass as his brother--especially where T-Dog was concerned before Daryl gave him antibiotics.

I do take Mojochi's point, though, that it might be too much to play this card too soon after the Governor's creep-turn. At the same time, any relief the audience might have felt when the Governor didn't actually physically rape Maggie might be the fake-out. "Are ya relieved? Well, look what just happened over here, then, back at the homebase."
If it happens so soon--or at all, the series would have moved to the point of going for cheap shock gimmicks, as the producers already seem to think shock is a substitute for drama.

For example, the threat of zombies is a just a matter of fact reality for Rick's group, and during an attack, anything can happen, but T-Dog's attention being so occupied while he knew zombies were around him was a BS attempt at shock.

After dealing with zombies for so long, it makes him seem stupid to focus all of his attention on a fence while zombies are surrounding him--and he was aware of them.

The novelty of extreme violence or strange occurences lose their power when used so liberally, and for the wrong reason. On that note, if Beth is raped and/or murdered at the hands of Axel--or any of the Woodbury gang, it just seems like the showrunners feel excessive shock is drama, as if to inspire a "I can't believe they did that" or "this is sooo grim" repsonse from the audience.
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