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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ Librarian

I agree, having a credible turbo lift system is quite a challenge and that was the first issue I tried to solve when starting this project, it should make sense without the necessity of constantly attributing it to turbo lift malfunctions. As a result E-Deck 11 is devoted to the turbo lift distribution in the engineering hull, maybe I can post it tonight. I won't really have turbo lift parking spots like FJ as I feel that in a circulating turbo shaft system empty cars will be constantly moving until called for.

@ chronografer

Merci. I believe I can understand your discomfort. In essence, the engineering hull has a rectangular character so we'd naturally expect an arrangement parallel to the central axis. Personally, I would have preferred just to have these long WNM corridors or a rectangular arrangement like they did for the Romulan Battlecruiser interior in The Enterprise Incident. But the visual information from TOS and the corridor walk in The Ultimate Computer to the warp engine room insist on a circular arrangement. So I guess it'll be something like accuracy vs. aesthetics. But I'm confident that once the remaining blank spots are filled with rectangular rooms, the circular nature of these deck plans will be less disturbing, hopefully.

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