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Re: Car Borrowing and Registration Questions

Kestra wrote: View Post
So for reasons that I'm not going into, I'm looking at borrowing a car from a family member for long-term use. As in a year or more. I'm not sure what all I need to do and I've been searching online but I'm a bit overwhelmed and was wondering if anyone could help.

As far as insurance goes, I'm covered to drive the car for a month on his policy and I'll be getting my own. I'm not sure about registration and all though. The car's owner is in IL and I'm in CA. Does the car need to be registered here?

I don't know the first thing about this so would really appreciate help!
It should be registered to the owner in the state where they live.

As for insurance, I don't think having a policy on a car you don't have an insurable interest in is valid. If you were leasing the car, financing it, or owned it outright, that would be an insurable interest. But you are only borrowing it, which means you have no insurable interest--only the owner does. The owner would have to obtain a policy that covers additional drivers. I'm not sure which state you would need to do it in, though. Most likely the state in which it will primarily be driven. A national insurer like Geico or esurance or AllState would probably be fine for that. Note that I'm only talking about insuring the car. If all you want is liability coverage, then that can be in your name and it doesn't matter who the owner is, since you aren't wanting a payout for the car itself.

I know about this because I had an insurance agent explain it to me once, because I had a similar situation with a borrowed vehicle.
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