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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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Maybe I was looking at this the wrong way, maybe they won't do TMP again, but V'Ger will show up sometime in the future.
I wouldn't count on it. V'Ger has already been used in a comic series set in the Abramsverse (not the ongoing one, the Nero one that followed up Trek XI). Since Bad Robot supervises comics set in the Abramsverse to make sure they don't cover anything they have plans for, don't expect V'Ger in an Abrams film. Hell, all the novels and comics that have featured V'Ger have almost always tried to shoehorn a connection between it and the Borg (yes, even the Nero comic). If the Borg were never created, it's possible V'Ger may never have been revisited.

And not every artsy movie was a blockbuster, true. But the studios must love them because why else would they make them?
Most artsy movies have limited releases and are usually released around "award season," that time of the year when the Oscars nominees are selected. Studios make them more for prestige than profit. You'll never see an artsy film in multiple theatres at summer in direct competition with the big budget action flicks, the raunchy comedies and kid-friendly cartoons. Those are the movies that get priority since they pull in money and make artsy movies possible.

The remake of Battlestar Galactica was a radical departure of the show back in the seventies. It was deeper, more dramatic, and yes, more action-y, and that was that remake. If Ronald D. Moore can do it, if JJ Abrams can do it, what's stopping the future of film-making from being a wild departure from what we consider normal or "good"?
Ron Moore's BSG was more a critical success than financial. Its ratings, though decent were not impressive, its spin-off Caprica failed and Blood and Chrome was shelved for a couple of years before being burned off as a telemovie. SyFy now fills its programming with wrestling and shows about amateur ghost hunters, and there are plans for BSG to be done as a movie more in the spirit of the original.
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