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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

Might be true for a 10 year old kid but once you hit late teens (say 16 or 17) you should realize what a contract is, what it entails and what the do's and don'ts are and he's a legal adult in this video making him pretty much a dumbass for badmouthing his (lucrative) employer publicly.

Most of us have harped on about our workplace to friends, family and anonymous places like this board but most of us had the common sense not to do it publicly (and above all not being videotaped by it and trying to come off as cool by sticking it to the man).

Sheen did that and he had to face the consequences (and it's hard for a successful show to fire its main lead).. from the aftermath i guess Jones got a "nice" call from Lorre (or even a one to one meeting) and he realized he was in potentially dangerous terrain but which suddenly turned out to be a big misunderstanding etc.. PR code for "I got my ass kicked by the producer and don't want to give up the juicy job i have".

Fact is they've nearly written him out storywise.. he's basically a recurring guest character appearing once in a while or otherwise by "webcam".. he's had his important role as a kid and teenager but the show doesn't use him much anymore and in that phase to piss on the show that may easily fire him completely makes him a dumbass.
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