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Re: Your grandfather was in diapers....???

That doesn't even come close to the 22 years Picard had on the Stargazer,
To nitpick, we have no reason to think that Picard was the captain of that ship for 22 years. That number of years never appears in any onscreen dialogue or anything. For all we know, Picard was the skipper for three years only, before losing the ship to the Ferengi.

Similarly, we don't know how long before his famed days of captaincy Jim Kirk actually started serving aboard starships. And the last movie shows him saving the day while technically still at the Academy; perhaps he did comparable things in the original timeline as well - where he would have been younger still?

Of course, Kirk also saved the day in the 1930s, giving him quite a head start over Picard! Admittedly, Picard went all the way back to the day life was born on Earth in "All Good Things...", but rather than save anything, he managed to prevent life from being born!

Timo Saloniemi
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