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Re: storm and floods in GB - is everyone ok?

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Well the UK basically has these season

A Warmish and Wet Season (spring)
A Warm and Wet Season (Summer)
A Cool and Wet Season (Autumn)
A Cold and Wet Season (Winter)
You live in the wrong part of GB, apparently. I've been to Britain pretty often over the last 15 years and it rained only once. For a week, though.

Your rain arrived in Bavaria this morning. Just in time for me to get soaked on my way to work LOL. Atm it's snowing and the forecast predicts more snow and frost for the weekend. The river has already risen quite impressively, but I don't expect major flooding.

My appartment is in a pentouse on top of a shopping mall, so I am quite safe anyway and the only danger is that I might raid the sweets store that's right under my terrace
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