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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

I'm looking forward to the proliferation of OLED displays bringing paper thin flexible display technology to the mass market in an affordable way. I imagine displays plastered everywhere, like you see in SCIFI movies, and things like arm band computers that you wear around your arm with a touch display, paper thin.

Displays like this, that fold out and retract -

And you always see in scifi movies people wearing really thin displays/computers on their arms, to control functions. I see this being a future generation music player, able to store and play your music, take pictures, basically everything a cell phone can do now but the thickness of paper. OLEDs can lead to this.

Now I know we have OLED technology now, but it is so very expensive, and you don't really see any TV's using it yet, but it's a technology that in the next 15 years can evolve and the price will come down, meaning mass production, people buying them, and lots of interesting things coming out of OLED development.

I also look forward to real (not fake) projected 3D holograms. I'm longing for the day this happens. I won't accept faking it, i.e. using shutter glasses, or displays that fake your eyes into seeing 3D. I want real projected free floating 3D holograms. I can see this happening in the next 15 years.
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