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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

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The kid is a dumbass and hypocrite...
How is this any more hypocritical than, say, the person who works for a multinational corporation but supports the Occupy Movement?

Basically, this was a kid rebelling against a parental figure (Lorre) without thinking things through. It's like the Ivy League trust fund kid that goes to college on daddy's Wall Street investments and then starts denouncing capitalism and consumerism from his iPhone. It's stupid, but it's harmless and shouldn't be treated any more harshly than we treat other kids who have their rebellion at this age.
It isn't but it's a different thing to rebel against parents (which is a normal psychological development for every kid) and to rebel publicly against your employer whom you have a contract with. People have been fired for posting something like this on Facebook.

This makes him a dumbass.. from what i hear it may be Men's last season. He couldn't wait half a year until the show is over and then have his opinion?
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