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Mystery ship? Can anyone help?

Hi All,

I have been going crazy trying to find a specific scene from a specific episode of TNG. A friend is telling me it never happened which I just cannot believe.

What I remember is that the Enterprise approached a planet and an immensely superior and futuristic ship appeared with both energy and physical shields, it shot at the Enterprise with energy weapons that Gordie mentions as creating a huge energy surge in the Enterprise. The Enterprise fights back and the ship flys away, the Enterprise chases but the ship matches the Enterprises acceleration perfectly, so they can't catch it. Eventually they give up and Ricker says something like, "The one that got away".. I think Q summoned the ship to try and keep the Enterprise from going to the planet, but can't be sure. Thing is, I've searched every episode with Q and can't find this scene.

Has anyone any idea? I know I've seen this but can't find it.

Thanks guys,
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