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Re: VOY Caption This 91; Conspiracy

EMH: Hey, I don't criticize your work. I don' t come down to the cargo bay and dump the prosthetics out of your box.

And that's when Seven beamed out all our testicles.

<Chakotay spit take>

Mariah Henley: Damn straight.

Captain, the Artruvian Ambassador is here. He is prepared to greet you by reciting every episode title of every Law and Order series ever produced.

Good. I've had it with weird alien customs. Screw 'em.

Durst: I'm really looking forward to that last slice of pepperoni.

Janeway: I don't think so, Durst.

It's worse than I thought, Captain.The five second rule doesn't apply to a downward-facing slice of pepperoni pizza.

Janeway: Out of my way, Doctor.

Seven: You are making a mistake!

Tuvok: Captain, that is a highly illogical risk.

Janeway <around a mouthful of pizza>: Computer end program!

EMH: Ahem. We are all real.

Janeway: Mine!

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