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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Thanks for the gratifying comments but please, feel free to mention things you don't like or which seem or are incompatible with what's seen in the series (I have no ego to bruise and I'm not perfect). There are no stupid questions (only stupid answers) and if there's something you don't like and feel it could or should be done differently let me know, as I am certain that there is room for improvement.

Already there has been a confusion regarding the identical cabin number of Harry Mudd and Spock in Amok Time. Spock's quarters are on main deck 5 (IMHO) and don't have windows, so I assumed that the identical cabin number is a hint that Mudd's quarters have to be in the engineering hull (i.e. you can't have identical cabin numbers in the same hull, but it's possible to have one same cabin number for the saucer hull and the other for the engineering hull).

In a perfect world the "environmental engineering" ladders (with 'fall-safe' grid from Season Two on) would always end one deck lower in a (Season One) ladder both with no 'fall-safe' grid. Mudd's Women provides a nice "excuse" as their movement to Kirk's cabin was shot from behind a hexagonal grid panel and in movement which made it difficult to discern whether the ladder booh in the background had a fall-safe grid cover or not. (this ladder near Kirk's quarters
connects to this ladder one deck below


P.S. Ouch! I just realized that the ladders connecting the two aforementioned decks would make sense if the Hangar Deck would actually be above Deck 12 - and therefore the Flight Deck. But I tend to rather believe Kirk's "flight deck" remark in The Conscience of the King than Chekov's "hangar deck doors" remark in this Season Three episode (maybe Russians don't have flight decks, according to Chekov ).
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