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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

If my memory serve right, doesn't the Federation gave Bajor the Ambassador Class Design after they join Starfleet?
That was in the early DS9 novel Antimatter. The Ambassador class ship was being built on the surface of Bajor, on old Bajoran shipyards (an aspect of the old Bajoran culture never explicated in the TV show - did they build modern starships before the Occupation or did they not?), but for the needs of Starfleet. While Bajorans supposedly learned at least part of the art of building an Ambassador, they would probably have been bombed back to stone age had they tried to build one on their own without Starfleet permission.

The TV shows had nothing of the sort: only actual UFP members were shown or told to be producing ships for Starfleet, and the only dockyards we really saw were at Earth or Mars. And funnily enough, until the latest movie, those yards were only ever shown repairing preexisting ships (and launching a few already completed ones). That is, unless one assumes that ships with low registries can be taken for recent builds.

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