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Re: What changes should be made to comics?

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As someone pointed out there used to be 5 Superman titles but they each had diamond numbers telling you the story order. The net effect was that even though you got, Superman, Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Man of Steel and Man of Tomorrow, the net result was that you had a weekly comic that told one large story. Batman did the something with cowl numbers across, Batman, Detective Comics, Legends of the Dark Knight, etc.
That's unnecessarily overcomplicating things, if you tell the same story just get rid of 4 of the 5 titles and slap the same one on all covers.

People actually complained about that set up and demaned that each comic tell a unique story.
In kind of understand that, I want only one book per character but if they do release five, they should tell different stories, otherwise the readers feel like they're forced to buy all Superman books.
If they only release one weekly series the reader pays the same amount of money but at least he's only buying one series, it's probably a psychological thing, like $9.99 being perfectly fine but if you aks someone to pay $10 they're suddenly hesitating.
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