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Re: How militarized should Starfleet be?

The weaponry is so advanced, that Force {violence} can EASILY back up their threats. With such Armaments and Science at Starfleet's disposal, perhaps the Pomp, Pageantry, and Ritual of the "military' need not be so in-your-face? Interesting Question. Does the Ability to Kill/Maime/Conquer/Rule/Subjugate an Enemy or Enforce a Treaty through such means Discourage the SHOW or POSTURING of said Force: does an Unmitigated reputation for Power somehow act as a disincentive to Rigorous Displays of said Power?

I don't know very much about the internal hierarchical structure of starfleet (those back in San Fran). What 'checks and balances' are in place to assure that "absolute power does not corrupt absolutely"? Simply the Prime Directive and some Shared Idealistic Values? Or the Threat of Mutually Assured Destruction?

All i think i know is that Armed Forces- or their leaders- will Find a Fight to Fight if there isn't one to Fight already.

I wonder how long it took for the PeaceKeepers to become the Evil Reigning Force in their Corner of the Universe? Weren't they actually benevolent at one time- really maintaining Negotiated Peace For the What's-Their-Names? What led to their corruption? Do i recall that some sort of genetic manipulation or Eugenics were involved? i don't remember many of the Finer Farscape points... but i wonder if there might be any lessons to be learned from their history?

it seems like Violence is Rife throughout the Galaxy, the Universe, Other Dimensions/alternate realities. So if it's Limited by some utopian ideal in just ONE TV show Cum Pop Cultural Phenomena, i'm all for it. Less Military, More Love.

Ok, Group Hug?

uh, maybe that's going just a tad too far?

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