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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

It's pretty clear that Cryptic really dropped the ball this time and delivered the rush job that is called Season 7. There are so many obvious bugs, a significant portion of them could have been caught if they've been put it up for testing on Tribble. The worst is the addition of the new personal reputation system and reward changes without careful thought on the impact to the playerbase, in-game economy, nor adequate data mining when deciding project costs.

I know this is not how Cryptic view it, but from my perspective the end result is that the entire end-game is now segmented into 4 largely separate activity groups, forcing players to divide their time advancing 4 different aspects of their character.

STFs - For collecting Omega Marks and advancing Omega Force Reputation
Tau Dewa & S7 Fleet Actions - For collecting Romulan Marks and advancing New Romulus Reputation
S6 Fleet Actions - For Fleet Marks and advancing Fleet Starbase & Embassy
Old Fleet Actions, Dailies, Kerrat - For gathering sufficient dilithium and energy credits to fund Omega Force, New Romulus & Fleet Reputation Projects.
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