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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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There is nothing wrong with Presbyterians, that's my point. A Unitarian is explicitly not a Trinitarian, which is the belief position of every other church you can think of today. That is a problem if, like me, you take the Trinity seriously.
You're not trying to get the point.

What is the problem, exactly, with Trek depicting someone who has a belief system different from your own? Would you be making the same complaint if it turned out that the character in question was, say, Jewish?

Or would you prefer that Trek novels be all about efforts by American evangelical Christians to convert all the heathens out there, starting with the Romulans and their pagan Elements?
I'm a Canadian. I go to the United Church if you must know.
I was raised in that denomination myself. Running from my own personal experience, I don't remember any enculturation of anti-Unitarian sentiment, something that a quick Googling of the church's website confirms.

Keeping religion at an arm's length was an established part of Trek's "veneer of the future", if you will. Everybody has an opinion on present-day religion. Mentioning the Roman Catholic Church would have a much, much larger reaction, and it's just best not to mention it for the same reason.
You weren't complaining about religion in Trek, though. Rather, you were complaining about the presence of a specific denomination on the grounds that the "Holy and Undivided Trinity in the 24th Century" wasn't shown as being a universal belief.

Religion has had its place in the novelverse: Jews, Hindus, and Muslims have been depicted prominently as Jews, Hindus and Muslims. What's the problem with Unitarians, specifically? (Muslims share Unitarian beliefs on the Trinity, come to think of it ...)
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