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Re: Powerball. What could you do with a 425 million dollar lottery win

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ANYTHING I want. And I'm definitely not going to work. I don't understand why people say they'd go back to their job.
I wouldn't stay in the same job.

One of the things I would do would be to go back to school full time and get a master's degree (or even a PhD someday) in something I REALLY like, not something I just find pragmatic to get a job easily. I would then be in a position where I wouldn't have to "settle" for anything less than a truly desirable job. (Assuming any period of unemployment following school, I would do volunteer work to fill my time.)

I would also make sure my parents had retirement/care funds set up so that they would never have to worry. Same for me--I'd also portion out a certain amount of money as a retirement fund.

I would also give a significant amount to my church. The other part of my charitable donation would go to my local literacy organizations. I think one of the best things you can do for a person is to make sure they can read, write, and do math at the level needed to get a good job and also make wise purchases and not get ripped off by those who prey on the illiterate or those who do not have adequate literacy.
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