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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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"Ordinary technological progress" apparently isn't really what most people including the technologically oriented thought it was.
That depends on who you ask, doesn't it? Impressed though you may be by the cutting edge of what is now technologically possible, most people alive today don't have access to the state of the art, and even if they're aware of it, are unlikely to ever see it in person.

I believe I posted articles about social progress and the associated evolution of the brain that would mitigate your ideas on the subjects.
I believe your articles about "evolution of the brain" were only peripherally -- if at all -- related to social progress in any way shape or form. Suffice to say that economic prosperity has a positive effect on social conditions, whether that prosperity results from better technology or growth-inducing policies. Technology ITSELF isn't really a factor in this, and it sure as hell isn't a factor in the evolution of the human brain (it's actually the other way around).

I established how the forward thrust of a singularity relies not on one thing but a multi-faceted set of advancements. I even posted an article that contradicts your idea that evolution has nothing to do with technology. I still feel these arguments are correct.
The thing is, you never bother to "establish" as part of a coherent causal pattern. You go about it like an End Times speculator reading headlines about natural disasters and political intrigue and then try to argue that "all signs point to impending global catastrophe of some kind." IOW, these things are SUGGESTIVE of a singularity-ish future, not because of what they actually represent, but because of how they make you FEEL.

Hence your last line is especially cogent: you surely FEEL that those arguments are correct, but at the end of the day your FEELINGS aren't a very convincing argument.

I also argued before that a transhumanist future will take over for natural selection
To which I replied that you had not given the matter enough serious thought if you really believed that transhumanist technology would be ubiquitously available to everyone, everywhere, free of cost. It's entirely likely that a select group of individuals who first adopt the technology find ways to artificially prevent everyone else from getting it and become a new, closed-circle power structure dictating policy and priority for the rest of humanity. The point, if you recall, is that those who achieve power tend to jealously guard the exclusivity of that power as much as they can, since it makes it easier to exercise that power uncontested.

Your reply, IIRC, was to point out the philanthropy of the Coca Cola company experimenting with a device that would produce clean water for African villagers.

Again, there's a huge difference between seriously considering the possibilities and hoping/praying/imaging for the best. You spend a lot of time doing the latter.
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