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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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All I know, is that its going to be great that one half of Best of Both Worlds looks awesome, while the other half looks like ass.
Ridiculous. These comments really piss me off when you haven't even seen Season 2, never mind the fact that you have no idea what CBS may have planned for BOBW. Try writing a critique when you've SEEN what you're supposed to be criticizing.
You do realize that illegal means are currently available to watch these (have been since the weekend). People can actually claim seeing them without it technically being released to the public.

I don't know who would admit to it. But the claim that people haven't seen it, isn't now something that can be said, with certainty.
I think what FrontierTrek was getting at is that BillJ was criticizing something (BOBW II) that certainly no one outside of the remastering project has seen, before it's even considered finished. I kind of made that mistake too by prejudging what certain shots in "Remember Me" might look like given HTV's track record. But as FrontierTrek has pointed out:

"CBS have not announced schedules, release dates or who is responsible for 4-7."

These things may still be kind of up in the air at this point. We'll have to wait and see. Try to focus on the positive, everyone. I know I'm not always successful in that regard and that kind of makes me a hypocrite... but right now I'm enjoying Season Two despite a few flaws here and there.

Season One had a few flaws too. In fact, some weren't fixed and still remain. It's like what Riker says in "Time Squared"...

"It's your Persian Flaw."
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