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Re: Thoughts on Shatner

hi Melakon... i had to wiki your 'handle', i'm now watching the TOS episode... i'm new to this forum. i enjoyed your thoughts on Kirk... i do think he IS a Truly talented actor... tho Enterprise is the Sweetest Vehicle i've seen him in... i've often assumed his TOS cheeze factor was due to the scripts and not so much the delivery.. but i do not know enough trivia and backstory to confirm that. I'm amazed at the talent of Many in the cast. Not just because it's endured~ but a factor In its longevity, for sure.

I'll return with thoughts on Kirk... And perhaps some on spock or episodes, after my Rewatch. i, too, feel that Shatner has had an inestimable impact on my Cultural Moment... as have the later Treks... Ideas worth Chewing On. Mind Chiclet?

ps... i'm tvless, too... thank goodness for running water. it's about all of the modern world that fits into this {truly lovely} rural state to which i've relocated...

See you soon...
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