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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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With the passing of Marvin Miller: thoughts on whether he should get into the HOF? I'm thinking, most likely yes, he should.
Yes and no. I do think Marvin Miller did some very good things for the game, but I also think Miller gets credited for things that were actually Dick Moss, Curt Flood, Peter Seitz and lots of others. The MLBPA was far from a one-man operation, and it's a disservice to pretend that Miller did all of those things on his own. Miller is hard to place in history, in large part because his impact has not played out entirely yet, which is not unusual among non-field competition Hall candidates and has delayed a lot of the pioneer/executive types.

You can make an interesting, even persuasive case for Miller, and of course his current exclusion is at least in part because of burned personal bridges, not his contributions to the game. But he's distinctly not the old baseball great waiting by the phone for the plaque he earned; the cases for non-team executives are far more complicated and nuanced than they are for those whose contributions are easily measured.

Miller also actively disdained the Hall, for much the same reasons that he fought against baseball in the first place -- and he vowed to boycott the ceremony if he was ever inducted. This isn't Phil Rizzuto or Ron Santo, where it would have made his entire life to go in.
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