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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

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What if you are foreigner and there is an emergency?
Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
Surely they get a cast for a broken leg or something, but do they get chemo? Do they get insuline, etc.?
To both questions: Hospitals in the US [those defined as Regional Medical Centers, but not private hospitals] are required to provide "life-saving treatment" and "stabilizing care" to those whose lives would be at risk without such care. In short, if you are dying they will save your life... this means making sure you are stable enough to leave the hospital. This policy is posted at every Emergency Room I have seen.
This does NOT mean you will not be billed for these services. Several hospitals now have "charity care" / "financial assistance" programs which are based upon income and ability to pay for care and treatment.
Example: You will get X-rays and a cast for a broken bone... and a note telling you to follow up with your own doctor. You may get a prescription for pain or anti-biotic, but it is up to you to get it filled elsewhere.
Example: You are in diabetic shock. The ER will give you insulin/stabilize your blood sugar levels. Once it is normal again, you will be sent home with prescription/advice to follow up with your own doctor.

I hope this helps answer your questions.
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While Hubby and I are Dems, we agree with Romney on 25% (not 47%). Hubby's seeing a lot of this on the medical side. My attorney friends tell me about it on the legal side. Yes, there are a lot of deserving people needing medical and legal help who can't pay for it, but there's also a good number who either don't deserve it or are wrongfully far more demanding than anyone working their ass off to pay for it themselves.
Who the hell are you to decide who deserves life-saving medical treatment and who doesn't? Your child at home gets a little mouthy, so you cut off her insulin until she behaves?
For real. I do not want someone arbitrarily deciding who "deserves" medical care and who doesn't.
I agree.
I also agree with those who said President Obama did not have the support to pass a "single payor" system. He passed what he could. I remember when First Lady Hillary Clinton championed Universal Healthcare, but was unable to get it passed by Congress.
“When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.” -Pres. Obama
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