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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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Do you ever write short posts? :-)
Yeah, I know, its a problem. Need a 12-step program or something. They start short, but there's always one more sentence to add. Essentially, I'm trying to have a real conversation, its just that one side is very silent while I type, but it doesn't stop me. Anyway, I've grown nostalgic for the thread so surely you wouldn't begrudge me a brief departing speech?

There is a reason that I pioneered my own long-winded thread: a moderator quickly complained. On the whole though, if you average it in words per year I think I'm fairly typical. Maurice, do you have those numbers for us? ... He'll get us those in a minute.

If you ever see me at a convention never hand me a soapbox or you'll probably have to use a fire hose to get me off.
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