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Re: is "Into Darkness" Quinto's last as Spock?

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I added the '+' when talking about Iron Man and Man of Steel to show that both have expectations to hit above that mark. With Iron Man 1 and 2 both grossing more than $600 million each.

Warner Brothers has said that if the 2006 Superman Returns had made half a billion dollars they would've pushed harder for a sequel to that film. Man of Steel has a $500 million dollar bar it needs to jump.

Ideally I would like Into Darkness to make as much money as Ghost Protocol with more than $600 million dollar gross, but that may be hoping too much. You're right about Trek not being as "bullet proof" as Twilight and Star Wars. Which was my concern. With Star Wars having such strong Star Power and JJ being so tight lipped about his sequel movie it's hard not to assume that at this moment and possibly 6 months from now Wars' fire will be burning brighter than Trek's. With both a successful writer and director so far. The next step is casting and story details which will further fan Wars' fires.

Back to Quinto. I feel if there wasn't such a delay in the release of the two movies Quinto wouldn't be so ready to leave after the next film. You look at Trek actors what have they done that's had the same success as Trek 09? Pine did unstoppable which had moderate success. Saldana did Columbiana which was panned by critics and wasn't a big financial hit. Karl Urban did Dredd recently and that flopped at the B.O. The only actor who had any success after ST09 was Simon Pegg and he's barely in the first movie. As an actor you're a type of artist and you go where the work is. Quinto 35, doesn't want his only notable things to be Sylar from Heroes and Spock from Star Trek. With the Trek films being once in a blue moon thing apparently I see why he is looking at other opportunities
Quinto wanting out is Fan speculation, there is no actual statement of it, and I interpret "The Evidence" of it differently.

Interesting the way Zoe was credited with Columbiana, but not Avatar, and didn't Chris Pine recently have a successful comedy (comedy would have far lower budget, and therefore success is much lower box office)?

Quinto not notable beyond Heroes and NuSpock? Hasn't he been honing his craft with stage and Independents, plus I believe his roles on AHS are lauded
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