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Re: Braga: "Archer was supposed to be Future Guy"

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When was Archer supposed to die in Season One? Who was going to be the Captain?

It should have been Erika. ERIKA.
Cold Front s01e11.

According to Daniels, Enterprise was supposed to explode in a an accident in the episode and every one dies. Enterprise plays no part in forging the federation in the original timeline and Archer plays no part in forging the Federation in the original time line either.

Future guy positions the Silik, leader of the Xindi, to stop the first warp 5 engine from blowing up after it reacted badly to a local stellar anomaly spoofing.

Future Guy saved Archer.

This pissed off Daniels.

After Daniels got his end around and stopped the Xindi threat from continuing to save Enterprise from its predetermined expiration which was fucking up Captain Daniel's timeline, he would have rolled back time and destroyed Enterprise... Unfortunately Silik, or the crazy events of that day, topped Daniels before he could save the future from this impossible meddling kicking his 31st century homeland off kilter.

Archer was so stupid that he decided to help Daniels rather than Silik because he was massively pig ignorant about who his friends were and who his enemies were not.

(The later appearances of Daniels, was a different guy who came from a timeline where Enterprise was not done blown up.)


I suppose it's possible that old Archer could exist as a potential life form in the future if time was forced upside down inside temporal forcefields that are resistant to changes in the timeline, where he became more real after he shielded himself and then became furiously aware as to how nearly impossible his existence was given the facts of the most dominating histories running up and down the universe and Old Archer would have had no choice but to open a front in the temporal cold war to ensure his existence!
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