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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

Maybe I was looking at this the wrong way, maybe they won't do TMP again, but V'Ger will show up sometime in the future. Come on, a massive living machine? A gold mine. And not every artsy movie was a blockbuster, true. But the studios must love them because why else would they make them?

But I think that our biggest crime in this entire discussion is that we're looking at what Trek should be based on the past. Indeed we're looking at what the entertainment business should be based on the past instead of asking, "What can we do now?"

We're trying to put something in a box where a box simply shouldn't exist, and that hampers our thinking and really destroys the entire purpose of storytelling.

The remake of Battlestar Galactica was a radical departure of the show back in the seventies. It was deeper, more dramatic, and yes, more action-y, and that was that remake. If Ronald D. Moore can do it, if JJ Abrams can do it, what's stopping the future of film-making from being a wild departure from what we consider normal or "good"?

We cannot limit what Trek can be because to do so would limit what art in itself can be, and that utterly defeats the purpose.
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