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Re: How about a "trapped in the past/future" Trek?

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You are conflating two ideas. Just because something hits in a flash doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile; the same goes for something has been given a lot of thought.
You'll have to forgive me. Since you seem to be new here, you might not have been aware of the countless times people have posted silly ideas on this forum that had almost no forethought behind them, and the way you worded your post sounded exactly like yet another one of those times. However...

(Including this gem, from you: "Well, I went to Trekcore to see screencaps of said ship, but it turned out that I was far more interested in the two chicks with the ill-fitting bikinis."; which is clearly a well-thought-out idea and certainly of interest to the community at large.)
This is what's called having a sense of humor. Not that I'm trying to start an issue with you here, but you might want to take that into consideration the next time you sift through my previous posts in an effort to sit in judgement of me.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”
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