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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

TREK_GOD_1 wrote: View Post
The work had to pass the quality test to make viewers care. Lou Scheimer was determined to respect the content, and that went a long way in making TAS work.

If a low-balling company like Hanna-Barbera produced TAS, fans would have revolted with episode one, as it is a bit distracting to see characters' arms slip off of the body, insignias switch colors, and backgrounds painted on the level of a pre-schooler with watercolors.

That was H-B in the early 70s, and as the other big U.S. animation house (on TV), ST was more than blessed to have Filmation handle the series, which--as seen right out of the gates in 1973--was the right direction.
I don't think I ever saw the same version of TAS that you did. The one I saw had very little movement, insignias DID often change colors... as did rank for the same character, continuity within each episode was non-existant... and yet, because it was my first exposure to Star Trek, I LOVE IT! I still consider my favorite Father's Day present, ST:TAS on DVD.
Kelso wrote: View Post
I'd prefer a new animated series.

And I love TAS.

Carry on.
Davros wrote: View Post
Make new ones and leave the originals as they are.
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