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The Huntress episode has aired.

As usual, the guy has his judgment impared by a pretty girl. If a man had done what Helena did, Ollie would have taken action. There was also no chemistry between them. If there was anything there, I didn't pick up on it. Ollie has found his "Catwoman", but the actress playing her didn't impress me.

I also got the sense that if Detective Lance ever finds out about Ollie being a vigilante, it'll happen after he's come around to either liking him or siding with the crusade.

And in other news, I got issue #1 of Arrow. DC has started up a monthly title based on the show.
Funny, but I liked the actress they got for Huntress. Granted, she's not as beautiful as Helena is usually drawn in the books, but she showed the kind of edge that I would expect from someone playing the character. The actors playing her father and his top henchmen I didn't particularly care for. The dad, he was okay, but I wish that the henchmen overacted just a tad too much.

As for chemistry, I don't think Amell has much chemistry with anybody, though he has gotten better with many of the characters/actors in his immediate circle.

I did like the reveal for Barrowman's character. Perhaps he will be the real dark archer, or either Tommy's going to go to the dark side to kill his dad to get his trust fund back.

How is Arrow #1? I was thinking about picking it up.
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