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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

133. Sunset Boulevard (A+)

After nearly an hour on various buses to get to the theatre last night, I arrived to find Lincoln sold out. Not impressed. So I bought my ticket for Thursday, and took a cab back home to watch one of my Blu-ray discs that I've yet to look at.

Arguably Billy Wilder's most acclaimed film, which was just released in this format, this is yet another example of Hollywood's love/hate relationship with itself. Some aspects of this film's production are a lot harder to appreciate for modern filmgoers, since it depends very heavily on the subtext of the real histories of so many of the people in the cast, which would be much less recognizable at 60+ years' remove. All the same, a top-notch production. William Holden has a great way with monologues, betweent his and Network.

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