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Re: Wars and campaigns that were largely ignored by FPS's

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Which was the Medal of Honor game that focused onthe Pacific Theater? I would like to look at some sales numbers.
"World at War". It was pretty good until you got the obligatory Stalingrad mission at which point I stopped playing.
The Soviet campaign was there because Treyarch wanted the game to be about the end of World War II, so they focused the campaigns around the fall of Berlin (even though Infinity Ward had already covered it in CoD1) and the Japanese surrender. I agree that including yet another Stalingrad mission was a little lame, but they made it somewhat interesting and they put it to good use in an important part of the storyline for Black Ops.

A CoD game focusing entirely on the Pacific theater would have been cool, though. An American campaign and a British campaign, maybe the Australians, too.
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