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Re: A CGI tour of the USS Enterprise.

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"Spock launching at the end was the only 'less than perfect' part."
I feel inclined to disagree. The flight deck, its proper illumination and the correct amount of windows were also much better than in TOS-R. If the shuttlebay scenes in TOS-R would have looked like that, I would have probably made lesser use of the angle button of my remote to switch to the original shuttlebay footage.

Please allow me to clarify my earlier post:

The scenery was very gratifying. It was the look of Spock specifically, that, in my sole opinion, could have looked a little better. I felt that part could have been better by taking stock footage of Spock launching something and placing it in the splendid set created by our friend, AR. Much as he did on view screens throughout the ship.

This does NOT mean I do not appreciate the masterful work produced. Merely constructive commentary... nothing more.
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