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Re: Should they have kept Dr. Selar?

No it's worse. If they named the character, then they would have had to pay the actor a couple extra dollars.

My mind is fluttering with romantic pairings for Selar.

How about if they had had an episode where it shows Selar and Data meeting once every seven years for the next 2 centuries?

Selar gives Geordi a Physical.

"Did I really have to take my pants off while you did all that?"

"No, you didn't."


"Commander Riker, I have spent the last two weeks studying the disgusting outbreak of hair on your face, I think I have found a cure that will finally get rid of it."

"No, it is by choice. I like my beard. You don't?"

"Is this human humour? I find humour more grating than that uncontrollable thatch clinging to your chiselled good looks."


"Dr Selar, please, I'm far too old to pursue a relationship with such a vibrant young woman as yourself."

"I am 128 terran years old Captain Picard."


"D,d,d,d,d,d,d,doctotor Selar, it's valentines dd,d,d, ay and I. I . I, was wonderrrring if yu, yu , yu would like to havve d, d,d d, d,, d, inner with me, me?



"You remind me of my wife."

"You remind me of my Sehlat."
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