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Re: Religious Stories

It's hard to share American Indian stories, because in most tribes the stories are handed down orally, and as such, are considered owned by the teller. I don't own any of them, so there aren't many I could tell -- I guess the best way to describe it is that telling a story one doesn't have the right to tell is like plagiarism. Many of the Raven stories are well-known, though, and Raven is one of my favorite characters, so here is a good one that some of you may already know:

When the creator first made the earth, the animals, and humans, Raven was a bird with feathers so white they glowed, and his beauty was admired by every kind. Raven himself admired humans above all, because they were clever and lovely, but mostly because he loved the sound of their laughter. Sadly, at that time people did not laugh often, and were not often seen. All was dark, all the time, because the greedy Eagle kept the sun hidden away in a box, so that only he could admire it. People were aways depressed in the dark, so Raven, who was very clever, enchanted Eagle's daughter with his glorious white plumage and charmed his way into Eagle's home. He deduced the secret location of the hidden sun, and stole it from its box. He carried it in his beak up to the sky where all could enjoy it equally, on the way singeing his beautiful white feathers black. Raven doesn't mind, however, because now the people are happy, and he can watch them and laugh.

I did a painting of Raven a couple of years ago, with the sun in his beak:

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