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So, are you assuming you're going to hell because of a fondness for scantily clad women?
I guess it’s not apparent from the picture, but those “women” are quite young.
So, you're going to hell for being a pervert.
Yes, that’s the joke I was trying to tell.

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^^ Actually, if I understand the broken English in that article correctly, those are quite old women who only look young.
I understood the opposite. The paragraph preceding the picture:
Hormones have been using with girl for gain weigh, and eye attraction. Indian and Bangladesh are the most targeted area for applying hormones with child prostitution, age of 12-16 years. After an injection of hormones, those girl look older.
On the other hand, the following paragraph seems to say the opposite.

Perhaps I should have spent more time searching for a photo that screams “child sex slaves!” Having to explain the joke kind of ruins it.

Of course, one may very reasonably take the position that making a joke about something so depraved ruins the joke from the get-go. Maybe I should go back in time and not make it. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow?
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