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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Both the scores on Disc 5 have had versions released before. A suite arrangement of cues from "I, Mudd" was on Label X's Star Trek Volume 2, arranged by Clyde Allen & Tony Bremner and conducted by Bremner. Cues that have not previously had a version released are:

Please*/You Listen
Harry Mudd
Control Room
Eternal Beauty/Crew Gone
We Are Real
A Gilded Cage/Not Programmed
Mudd’s Farewell/Stella’s Reprise
Love’s Hate
Mudd’s Detention

There have been two prior releases of music from "The Trouble With Tribbles." The second volume of Steiner-conducted re-recordings from Varese Sarabande included new performances of "A Matter of Pride," "No Tribble at All," and "Big Fite" (spelled "Big Fight"), and GNP's Best of Star Trek Vol. 1 featured 11-odd minutes from the original score. The only previously unreleased tracks from "Tribbles" are:

My Chicken Sandwich
Raining Tribbles
Close That Door

The GNP album did contain "The Muzak Maker" and "The Scherzo Maker" even though those were not included in the episode.

Typos on the GNP track list: "They Quibble Over Quibble" for "...Over Tribble"; "Barrel of Trouble" for "Barrel of Tribbles"; no exclamation point on "Come On Spock" or "Dead Heap."

Second Season Library Music
Conducted by Alexander Courage
Recorded 6/16/67
Composed by Alexander Courage:

22. Ship in Orbit* (Big) LM6 0:39
23. Sad and Thoughtful on Captain’s Theme LM8 2:29
24. Captain Playoff No. 1 (Heavy) LM2 0:07
25. Smooth Neutral Ship Theme* LM7 0:39
26. Playoff on M.T. Theme LM1 0:21
27. Fight on Captain’s Theme LM5/LM5A 1:44
28. Captain Playoff No. 2 (Neutral—Slightly Ominous) LM3 0:07
29. Stingers LM17A/LM17B/LM17C/LM17D 0:50
30. New Sexy Exotic LM9 2:16
31. Captain Playoff No. 3 (Sad and Alone) LM4 0:19
These should be interesting. Let's see, we know from the sample released today that "Ship in Orbit" is the Act 1 opening for "Catspaw." "Sad and Thoughtful on Captain's Theme" is probably the music that plays under Kirk's climactic speech in "Mirror, Mirror." "Fight on Captain's Theme" is a cue that I believe is also in MM (and maybe "Journey to Babel" when Thelev attacks Kirk?). I look forward to discovering what the others are.

Amok Time
Source Music and Outtake
Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried

62. Vulcan Lyre M25 0:06
63. Gong FX 0:12
64. Bells 0:22
65. Wind Chimes 0:36
66. Contrary Order (Gerald Fried rehearsal) M16–20 1:37
Great Bird of the Galaxy, you guys are thorough! It never even occurred to me to think of those as source music. And rehearsal audio? Interesting. Might we hear the composer's voice?

On to season 3! Given that there was less new music in that season, it should be interesting to see what fills out the set.
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