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Re: Religious Stories

Or depending on which of the Genesis originals you read, three wives. Lilith, who rebelled, Eve-1 built as he was bit by bit in front of him (which has got to kill the mood) and was too independent also, then Eve-2 from his rib with the idea his own rib would not deny him. How...lovely a tale.

Job has to be the final straw for anyone, a rich man who was still kind and wise, tornented to the brink by the one he loved, totally abused to see 'what would happen', and never learns from it, going back to his abuser (god).

Also the fact that god seemed to think abusing his creation because the devil thought it was a good idea was worth doing. Which begs the question of why they were hanging out together in heaven to come up with this idea.

Rape, genocide, homicide in troves, children sold left right and center, human sacrifice, torment of innocent people for fun, sorry I just don't find these stories all that 'fun'.
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