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Re: New Senate Bill gives warrantless e-mail searches to 22 agencies

Pirate hunting cruises from Dubai tour company


Like any proper cruise, you can choose a type of stateroom with offers ranging from the humble sounding "standard inside" to the opulent "Hemingway suite." The similarities to any other cruise end abruptly when you begin assembling your personal armory. With offerings such as the predictably yielding "bazooka package" and a "mercenary madness" kit, you can personalize your weapons cache almost endlessly. The "mercenary madness" package includes rental of a M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle, an AR 15 assault rifle, and an 18kt gold plated Desert Eagle pistol. Bow and arrows are also available for purists. Flamethrowers can be rented as well, though require a 3 day licensing course prior to departure.

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