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Re: Religious Stories

i don't think an individual- say, me, for instance- needs to have self-defined / self-described relationship/thought processes regarding/to deity in order to appreciate Abrahamic religious Mythos.... e.g. the Western Bible {mosaic texts, torah, talmud, kaballah, 'old' & 'new' testaments, the koran, the apocrypha, the dead sea scrolls, the nag hammadi codices, etc...} as Foundational to Western Literature {and, similarly, other cultural religious texts within the context of their origin cultures} and thus to the Stories which Define a Culture's Mythos, Ethos, etc...

in my limited experience, it seems that many a Star Trek Fan~ for instance~ is enamored of the show BECAUSE of its generous allusion to Western Literature- at least in part. Therefore, by natural extension, one's familiarity with 'religious stories' and literature inspired thus IS perennially pertinent in Sci-Fi discussions... it informs the very raison d'etre of Fiction.

So, no prob here with religious/biblical allusion in Speculative Fiction or any other Genre for me.... in fact, one of the reasons i loved BSG so much was the Incorporation/retelling/rebooting of the Classic Origin Myth. {i HATED the ending of BSG... too ACTUAL, not MYTHOLOGICAL... ruined the Whole Series for me... (true Networky deus ex machina ) but it was Fun While It Lasted...}

Just sayin'....

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