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Re: Religious Stories

I've always found Genesis extremely interesting. God created humans for his amusement, he lied to them (that fruit is gonna kill ya!), and when humans became knowledgable and self-conscious by eating of the Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil), he became angry and threw them out of Paradise before they also ate of the Tree of Life. The text also shows that God had no powers over these two trees. They were there, and all he could do was lie about them.

Basically, I see in it a tale about the basics of oppression. Every tyrant wants to keep the masses uneducated and ignorant. Knowledge is a dangerous thing to them, and they need to get rid of the educated people.

Of course the more accepted interpretation is that it was one of those tests of God, in order to explain that lie away.

I personally don't want a God that lies to me and tests me on a constant basis.

There are other examples where God pretty much acts like a despot and bully. Noah's Arc is one, then there's also the story about God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son, as a test of his loyality, and an angel comes down to prevent the whole thing saying something along the lines of "Now I know you are afraid of God".

Based on what I read in the Bible, I will never understand how people can pray to that character. God is portrayed as a very sick, nasty and evil person, abusing his powers countless of times. And from the very beginning, he never trusted his own creations. All he does is testing, commanding, punishing, erradicating, exiling, and then, in the end, with Jesus, kindly forgiving us poor misguided souls four our sins.
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