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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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Take a look at all the box office number ones from the last decade. They have usually been:

-Big ass action movies.
-Family-aimed cartoons.

That's where studios see the money, and in a world where studios are more considered with making a quick dollar than taking risks on anything new, that's what's going to continue to get the go ahead. Artsy movies will be sidelined as a niche thing unless you're James Cameron and can persuade billions to go to a theatre to look at a blank blue screen for three hours through name recognition alone.
That's a very cynical view. But what I'm saying is that the audience is there for "artsy" movies, especially sci-fi which are very visual. Besides, how difficult was TMP to follow? Wasn't very complicated.
If JJ quits after XII, maybe Duncan Jones can take over. Enjoyable but high concept sci fi is what he does best.
But despite a cult following and a definite critical success, Zowie Bowies movies weren't exactly box office hits.
A shame, but a sad truth.
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