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Re: Religious Stories

I have a love-hate feeling to the story of Noah and his Ark.

I hate it because it is a horrible tale of genocide, in which innocent babies and little children (as well as innocent animals) are drowned by a truly nasty being.

I love it because it is the story that most helped me become an atheist. When I was 7 or 8 years old I was given a book on Bible stories for children which includes Noah's Ark. It had lovely pictures in it including on of the Ark sailing happily as people (men, women, children and babies), who had made to the mountains pleaded for rescue. I became extremely angry that Noah wouldn't rescue kids, and that a God would drown them. I threw the book across the room. Later I decided that the story couldn't be true and I picked up the book and put it with my mythology books.

I think that it is shameful that this is passed off as a children's story. One woman I know would let her children read about Noah's Ark yet she would stop them from watching "cartoon violence".

I would love to find a copy of the Bible story book I used to have - I would recognise it even after all these years.

Here is an illustation of Noah's Ark that I approve of.

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