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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

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No list. My family does a Secret Santa thing with a $50 limit, so even if I had a list, I wouldn't know who to give it to.

That said, I always break the rules and spend way more than $50 on my person. Because I am awesome at Christmas.
That's cool, RoJo. It would definitely save me and a lot of people money if we agreed to do a Secret Santa. Actually, my family and I did that one year, and we still got one another presents. One for mom, one for dad, gifts for three sisters and a brother, two nieces, five nephews. Those were just for family members. For friends/co-workers, I typically spend $300 on gifts. I don't get them anything expensive; there are just too many of them.
This year will be tricky. Normally, we draw names at Thanksgiving. However, this time around, I had the genius idea that we should draw names last Christmas. That way, instead of only a month to shop, we have a whole year to get our person really awesome gifts.

However, last week at Thanksgiving, we all realized that too much time had passed, and none of us was 100% sure whose name we drew. We all think we know, but nobody is positive.

So this Christmas will be interesting. It's entirely possible somebody will end up with no presents, while somebody else ends up with double presents. Since none of us takes Christmas too seriously, we're just going to enjoy the surprise.
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