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Re: Powerball. What could you do with a 425 million dollar lottery win

If I were to win, I guess I don't have too many people I'd like to crush.

Before I claimed the prize, I'd get a lawyer, a financial advisor and an accountant lined up. Once I claimed the prize, knowing full well that my state makes lottery winners a matter of public record (DOH!), I'd get it over with with the press and then just relax for a couple of weeks.

Then, the fun begins.

1. I'd hire help for my mom so my dad and I could have a little bit of a break without worrying.
2. I'd select my charitable organizations and give to them, including my own schools and my nieces' preschool (a non-profit).
3. My family would want for nothing and I'd see to it we were completely secure. Even with the annuity, that's completely doable.
4. I'd then get myself a new wardrobe of reasonable clothes (I love my 5-dollar Hanes Her Way sweats!) and new shoes (I have to have a certain type of sneaker).
5. I'd also treat myself to a spa day without anyone else with me and maybe take a few days at a hotel by myself. Two of those days would be devoted to sleeping and vegging like I haven't in some time.
6. Having few enemies to crush, the ones I do would find that vengence would be swift and reasonable. And I think that's it.
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