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Re: How about a "trapped in the past/future" Trek?

i find the temporal paradoxes some of the most thought provoking ideas in all of Star Trek. i'd love to see this theme explored! i also thought that The Traveler would have been a fascinating character to develop: the Hows and Whys of what he is able and wont to do...

as far as Q is concerned... i've wondered if the TOS episode: Squire of Gothos wasn't a sort of inspiration for the idea? Trelane seems like a Nascent, Inchoate, Immature Q {not that Q was Mature, in act or practice}. at least a Q-ish Cousin, of sorts?

it could be argued that Trelane displays the same sort of Impudence that Q is famous for, and elicits a similar reaction from the Crew, as in these quotes (from memory alpha wiki):

"Do you know that you're one of the few predator species that preys even on itself?" - Trelane, to Kirk
"Wait! I won't have this! I haven't dismissed you yet! Stop it!! I won't have this!!"
- Trelane
"I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline. I object to power without constructive purpose."
- Spock, to Trelane "Why, Mr. Spock, you do have one saving grace after all—you're ill mannered!"
- Trelane, in response

I love the idea of exploring Timelines/alternate universes/permanency, etc... Great Thought!
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