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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Helicopters with Gatling guns...
Helicopters that work! and gas that is not stale after 15 years! lol

In the preview for the second half of the season they show someone with a rocket launcher. So all they need to do is take down the Helicopter then the amplifier at least will be destroyed and Monroe is back to square one. Even if he has the pendant he will need another amplifier built. If he could copy that Amp there is only one pendant anyways so he can't have more than one running.
Vietnam era Huey with a gunship modification kit. Long before Blackhawk Down the Viet Cong knocked down thousands of Hueys.
All the Black Hawks must be interned in the Georgia Federation and other breakaway republics and Monroe had to settle for Hueys.

Though seriously, UH-1s are easier to come by for Hollywood since ex-military Hueys can be found surplus. And I guess the Army wouldn’t let the “Revolution” production team borrow an UH-60 for filming since most Black Hawks are still in active service.
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